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 We are looking for a long term arrangement with a producer of laser aiming devices

 Dear Visitor,

it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our new web site. We beleive that this format, as compared to our old web site, will give us greater oportunity to address spcific regional demands of the territories we work on and enable easier communication with our customers and business partners

 Dear Customers,

We ask all our buyers that are having difficulties with Yukon and Pulsar products to contact those retailers from which they have bought the products in question. Lapis Plus is not in the position to repair faults on products which were not bought from us or in our distribution network.

Frequency of faults, insistence of the producer of Yukon and Pulsar brand products on own repair outside he territory or R. Croatia and with this associated need to obtain export licenses for sending and import licenses for the return of repaired goods greatly slows down and makes difficult the procedure of repairs and puts us as well as our customers in an unpleasant position. This is especially so in case on devices such as DFA75, DN55, Digisight, Photon, Sentinel, Quantum, IR illuminators and other night vision or thermal devices which exhibit frequency of faults and/or demand complicated repair procedures.

Due to these reasons, until these problems are resolved, Lapis Plus d.o.o. is discontinuing the distribution of  Yukon and Pulsar products on the territories we work on.



Lapis Plus d.o.o.